About SpRoUt

SpRoUt is a UK based artists collective. The SpRoUt artists contributing to Under Construction are:

Initiated in February 2004 SpRoUt aims to create new forms of dialogue between disciplines, in order to stimulate the work of individual practitioners and wider cultural contexts through sensitive, critical work.

SpRoUt's activities to date have led to a number of public projects, including:
Talent on Route - a multi-site event presented to audiences along a route through South London, travelling between Vauxhall Spring Gardens, St Peter's Church, Walworth and The Mason's Arms Pub, East Street on a 1950's Greenline bus;
Artists On Site - a residency at Airbourne, Eastbourne's annual air show, commissioned by the Towner Art Gallery;
Space Between - a hoarding intervention, the first cultural project to take place on the new site of the Towner Art Gallery, Eastbourne's new cultural centre.

You can find more information and documentation of these past projects on the SpRoUt website:

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