The Beekeeper by Sara Preibsch

The Beekeeper

Single screen piece, standard 16 mm colour film with optical sound transferred to 35mm film. Running time:20 minutes. Language: Swedish with English subtitles. Music by: Avi Tchamni.

"The Beekeeper explores the elisions of memory by observing the ordered life of the beehive through the eyes of a professional beekeeper. Combining three principal modes of narration: conversation, music and moving image, this film recalls a dreamy landscape haunted by the absent presence of fleeting memories.

Taking the subject of film as its starting point, the story, which develops through the conversation,
is informal and open ended. Helmut Preibsch, a beekeeper and former pilot in the Luftwaffe, who
immigrated to Sweden with his family after the end of WW II, alludes to the stories of two failed
utopian projects, the German Third Reich and the Swedish Welfare State.

Through out the film, edit and sound have been used to reorder the trajectory of the story where the
conversation is presented as a series of fragments with no single or finite resolution. In this way the
structure of the film attempts to embody the ephemeral character of a memory that is never entirely
accessible but constantly in the process of inscribing and reinscribing an event.

Adapting a slow pace and a contemplative mood, The Beekeeper brings into play a meandering
narrative, subtly revealed through the relation between the title, imagery and sound. Suggested
through the juxtaposition of images and the beautifully pensive music, created by the Israeli composer Avi Tchamni, is also a gnawing sense of unease, which lingers in the memories of WWII."

Sara Preibsch, 2007

Sara Preibsch

Born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1973, Sara Preibsch currently lives in London where she studied Fine Art and later Cultural Studies. She has exhibited her work extensively in the UK and abroad and recent exhibitions and screenings include: ‘Vom Zentrum der Welt und anderswo’, Kölnischer Kunstverein 2008, Images Festival, Toronto 2008, ‘Geschichtet’, Römerstraße project space, Stuttgart 2008, Les Recontres Internationales, Madrid and Berlin 2008 and Paris 2007, ‘One night stand with Sara Preibsch’, Vine space, London 2007.

In 2008 Preibsch was awarded the London Artists' Film and Video Awards (LAFVA) for the production of a new film. In 2005 she completed a residency at Akademie Schloss Solitude, the Akademie also co-published her first monograph Hultsbruk Ready-maids, 2005 (including a text by Laura Cull) in conjunction with her first solo exhibition in Germany the same year.

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