Elvis Krstulovic

I started my art education in the Sculpture department at the Applied arts school in Rijeka, Croatia. I continued at the Fine Art Academy in Zagreb, from which I have recently graduated. I work as a freelance visual artist, graphic designer and art teacher and have exhibited in several solo and group exhibitions/performances/projects, in Croatia and Italy and am currently preparing projects in London – England, Ekatarineburg and Moscow – Russia.

In my work, I explore notions of identity in relation to questions of body and memory, by performing identities to deconstruct the notion of a stable, inner self. My works tends to be performative even though they are presented in different media, ranging from photography and drawing, digital prints and photo collages, to textual and other interventions in space - be it a ''white cube'' or another type of private or public space.

In my recent work I have explored the relation between collective memory and artists identity in the transitory period of Eastern European countries (Instalation ''Sutra'' (Tomorow)) related to essays by Boris Groys, and the positions of bodies/selves within the art system (Instalation ''Oziljci'' (Scars)). The function of the particular public space I am working in becomes integral to the works themselves.

My work in general is concieved as dialogue with the space/time, the viewer and theory, and by doing so it hopefully can shift peoples' perceptions of the issues I am exploring. Because this dialogue is most important I tend to use different forms that communicate through different cultural spaces/forms of communication.

For Under Construction, Elvis will be presenting the project "Performing Depicting".

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