Ghosting SC

Paul Clarke

I propose to speak a group autobiography of the artists collective SpRoUt and their collaborators in Zagreb on Under Construction, which will be curated from their collective recollections of art works. An impossible exhibition will take place in SC, simply through speaking, which will be collaboratively installed and displayed in the listeners’ imaginations. Each participant in Under Construction will be invited to contribute a personal description of beholding or participating in another’s work, an art experience that meant something or moved them. The event places the memories of art audiences in the frame and draws out a network of references, inspirations and precedents. I am not interested in factual accuracy, but rather in the fallibility and instability of memory; the way the original works will be filtered, remade and transformed through time and through each viewer’s creative invention. The talk draws on the idea of gallery-goers as living archives, holding the collective memories of works between them, keeping them in cultural circulation through exchanging accounts and spreading rumours. This collection of recollections will be an ephemeral memorial to the exhibitions we’ve seen, which conjures up the ghosts of past shows. Each work will be described in present tense, conjuring it up as though it is displayed here and now. The gallery will become a palimpsest, layered with fading traces of past exhibitions cited from different times and places. Surprising conjunctions and associations will emerge from this time-based, ephemeral collection, which disappears as it is spoken. My speech and the immaterial exhibition spoken in SC, will be authored collectively by the temporary Under Construction community and imagined collaboratively by those who come along, appearing differently for each listener. Ghosting SC will be a work in progress presentation of an ongoing project.

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