I wrote this but it was her idea

Ana and Lala discussing a project

Ana Husman and I have decided that we are going to collaborate on a project for Under Construction. The two of us have already collaborated on numerous projects, although we have not done much together in the last two years.
Recently we were invited by the Associaton of Croatian Artists to propose an exhibition project for the depot of ther History Museum. In the process of working on this proposal, we discovered that the best part of it was - the discussion and the trail of thought that led us to a concrete text - a concrete idea. The process of exchange was the most exciting part!
For Under Constuction we propose to follow the processes of everybodies projects and document them in a film/performance/theatre script. The script will consist of dialogues and situations that can be used for perfomance, film, animation or audio works. We wish to use all the elements that other participants bring in (skills, stage, props, ideas), we are open to collaboration, comments and advice in the process of the writing. The final product would be a photocopied script/publication.

After the initial week of writing the script Ana and I will work during the workshop week with the students and others, who we will encourage to base their own projects on the script, to interpret it freely, use all the resources available at the Under Construction site to develop individual or collaborative projects.

During the work we will prepare some texts to be read on the group about collective creativitiy and copyleft. We also wish to bring in a guest speaker to talk about intellectual property and copyleft.

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