What's left when it's gone?

A workshop led by Florian Roithmayr

The use of techniques of imprinting and casting from objects and other sources has been pervasive in modern art. Introducing ways of engendering objects independently of controlling intention and open to chance effects, such techniques lend to the thing a traumatic immediacy and raise questions of the relation between presence and absence. The imprint has also been used as the basis for an alternative to an art history based on representation and idea. The index, a sign physically related to its referent, has been proposed as the basis to link art practices to a model based on photography.

Three questions: what is the relevance of the techniques of imprints (handprints and contact in prehistoric art, the life cast and death mask, the relic, Veronika, and "image not made by human hands"); what are the implications of a photograph conceived as a kind of cast of the object made
by light? Finally, what is the relation of the imprint to place?

This workshop is open to anyone who is interested in exploring and working/testing casting and imprinting techniques. We would work over the period of two weeks, making and preparing work for a temporary exhibition at SC gallery half way through and then testing this work in relation to other works in the gallery.

Possible sessions include plaster casting, frottage/rubbing, contact printing, etc.
The workshop will be accompanied by a series of reading groups around the three questions outlined above.
It is possible to participate in the whole two-week workshop or just specific parts of it.

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