Iva Kovač

I am about to graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. Over the last two years I have participated in a variety of different workshops and student exchanges: studying for one semester at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, working at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice and I also joined the workshop held by Dan and Lia Perjovschi at the Summer Academy, Salzburg. In Zagreb I took a course at the Center for Women's Studies titled “Genesis, reproduction, creation” and engaged with the “Curatorial Platform”, a project that will start in September this year. I have also exhibited in several solo and group exhibitions.

In my work I employ different strategies to engage the viewer and open up a discussion. The communication with the audience is essential to what I do and therefore the pieces I create appropriate the medium/form that is most certain to convey the meaning I am trying to transmit. The works are process-based and are often remain in a process of transformation, even after they are delivered publicly. I try to open up questions related to issues that I’m personally involved with and these are political, primarily gender issues because I believe that art should be a generator of change.
In my recent work I was dealing with institutional critique, initiated through my study at the institutions for higher education (citati.plakate.googlepages.com and (re)production). Since the impact of the work is of major importance to me, the works are available for free public distribution and, for that reason, made with minimum costs.

For Under Construction, Iva will be presenting the project "Performing Depicting".

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