Landscapes of the Mirage

A workshop led by Samuel Dowd

The object as a ‘mirage’ – that which hovers on the peripheries of vision - the collection of which, gathered together, evokes the impossible idealisation of spaces in the nostalgic imagination of the viewer.

My intention is to explore the potential of objects to trans-substantiate between forms and spaces, coupled with a combination of abstract and direct representation of the movement of subjects and objects through a field.

In this particular context I am interested in the notion of the ‘seat of power’ as a physical location, object, throne, altar, dais, plinth or other structure that confers sovereignty/authority upon the group or individual, thereby surrounding the occupant with a mirage, aura or halo – perceived or real.

For this project I will construct a number of sculptural ‘seats’ based on designs, objects and archive photography from various periods that may then be used as props in further (possibly collaborative) works/film/actions/events.

Week 2

Session 1*

In this session we will focus on the various objects/assemblages in the exhibition as a starting point for discussing how are able to alter the way in which we perceive the landscape of the everyday - of ‘stuff’. Through appropriating/borrowing/stealing bits of these works, moving them around and translating unconnected parts or elements into photography, drawing, collage and actions we will explore the possibility of transforming the exhibition into a new sculptural configuration.

Session 2*

Moving beyond the SC site, workshop participants will have been asked to choose elements from the wider environment of Zagreb – public art works, monuments, signs, everyday objects and experiences that they may use to construct new works or landscapes, using the methods explored in the previous session. These temporary, possibly collaborative, works will then be documented in various ways in and around the site of the Student Centre.

*The sessions will take place either in the morning and afternoon of one day or, alternatively, on two consecutive whole days. Attendance at both sessions required.

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