Sam Steer

I met most of my fellow SpRoUtS whilst at Wimbledon School of Art studying the art of design for theatre and film. It was there that I realised that I did not want to become a theatre designer. However a lot of the skills I learnt there have gone on to inform my work in Animation and art more generally.

It is animation and art more generally that I have specialised in. I cannot commit to just one style or medium. I am interested in drawing, painting, modelmaking, film, the computer, animation and music.

The majority of my animation work has been done in collaboration with my musician sister serafina. Including The Cavalier which I made whilst staying on a boat on the south coast of Spain.

I am currently developing an animated introduction to a film showcasing the fashion stylings of two designers called Theatre de la Mode.

I have a number of sites where it is possible to view my work, they are:
[] - drawing
[] - animation
[] - music

toward-the-sea cavalier

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