Scatter Plan

A workshop led by Ben Cain


From the Future to the present, and back, again.

The work involves, and performs ‘projection’; our intentions and hopes for the future, and for what we hoped our present would look like.

As seen through images of the past; flashes, flash-backs.

It starts with a group, of people. The group form shapes, the shapes recall architecture.

This is building.


Each member of the group holds (and shows) either a solid 2D ‘shape’, or a large (A0) printed image. These ‘members’, while forming and reforming 3D spaces (slightly ‘Slet’-like), forge links between the various images/shapes that they are holding/ showing.

There will have to be a few rehearsals.

Much is yet to be decided.

However, the basic elements are semi-concrete:
people (circa 15-20), A0 prints (circa 15-20), large MDF shapes, lines on the floor
which help to guide the group’s movements. Audiences are included and excluded, depending on the spaces formed by the group.

2D, to 3D, and beyond.

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