Set Design and Construction

A workshop led by Naomi Dawson

Working with Set Designer Naomi Dawson and the SC Carpenter on the design and construction of an 'environment' in the SC Gallery space. The installation will incorporate performance/exhibition spaces for all of the participating British and Croatian artists as well as being a piece of work in itself.

Week 1
The first week will look at the role of the model box in design and it's translation into a realised design. It will focus around practical skills such as carpentry and painting.

Week 2
The second week will focus around re-designing/ re-arranging the set according to the events occurring. Students will be encouraged to bring their own design ideas and work within the model and the realised installation.

The workshop will take place over 2 weeks. A group of 5-6 students per day. Students are encouraged to do as much of the workshop as possible but shorter periods are also fine.

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