spectator / audience / consumption

A workshop led by Sonja Vuk

This workshop will explore the role and position of spectator/audience/consumption in relation to the work of art.

Students from different areas of study (social sciences, art, technology etc.) are invited to participate. The main subject of the workshop will be the exploration of our relationship to information in art works, and specifically in the Sprout project: Under Construction. For example, if some participants in the workshop are art history students, their reaction to the work will be made in the context of their discipline; if there are some sociologist-participants – they will analyze art works from their point of view, and so on. As such, during the workshop, participants will analyze works both through their own positive or negative reaction, and by creating their own art works in response.

The workshop aims to answer some of the following questions:

- Are Croatian students active participants or passive consumers in the process of viewing works of art?
- How is the this relation to art related to the educational system in Croatia?
- What do we mean by a ‘personal reaction’ to a particular art work? What is the background of such a reaction?
- How does the opinion of the whole group influence personal attitude to art works?

Also, all participants will be encouraged to have in mind that their reaction to art works takes place in the dynamic context of the group as audience, and is constituted by their relationship to that group.

The entire workshop process will be explored and recorded, including the physical products created by workshop members.

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