Voice Architecture

A workshop led by Amy Cunningham

Drawing upon the emotive response to the “ruin”, the derelict building, the unique architecture in Zagreb as a stage for sound, I propose to create a work with film, video and voice, which focuses on the French Pavilion in the Student Centre. The site will be the feature of a video work made during the first week of the residency, which will be screened at the launch of the project. The video would include the recorded vocal sound created during the first week of the residency. During the second week I propose for the video and vocal sound track to be used as a basis for a further work, which is devised and performed live through workshops and responses by a vocal ensemble. SpRoUt artists, artists from Zagreb and students from the Art and the Music academies are invited to become part of the ensemble to create a vocal sound piece. The resulting performance(s) would be filmed to create a document of the event and when edited would become a further work which will be exhibited post-residency.

Week 2

I will be running an initial 2-hour workshop developing ideas for a vocal work in response to the new film and sound work created in the first week of the residency. Other themes of the workshops will be based on creating vocal responses to the local architecture including the specific acoustic properties of various spaces as well as cultural and textural starting points for creating sounds and songs. Development of this vocal work may include further workshops and rehearsals during the week.

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